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No Company  Name Brand Origin
01 Tabuk Pharmaceuticals Saudi Arabia
02 Amoun Pharmaceuticals Egypt
03 Health Aid Multi-vitamins United Kingdom
04 Solgar Multi-vitamins USA
05 Scanpharm Pharmaceuticals Denemark
06 Splat Oral care toothpaste Russia
07 Pharmalife Food supplements Italy
08 Deva Pharmaceuticals Turkey
09 Pharmactive Pharmaceuticals Turkey
10 JPM Pharmaceuticals Jordan
11 GANASSINI Tonimer,Bioclin,Korff Italy
12 Phadisco Nu-seals Cyprus
13 Optimal Baby Care France
14 Medysinal Pharmaceuticals UAE
15 Meksmar Strep-Drops Turkey
16 Lunatus HTC Italy
17 Tiger balm Tiger balm Singapore
18 Bells Menthodex United Kingdom
19 Remans Dooz spray Germany